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Use facebook login proxy

facebook login proxy VPN or Virtual Proxy Network lets you hook up your device to a secure connection to another network over the internet. VPN allows you to access blocked websites from your home community and puts your IP address in a land far away. You can also download the programs or open the sites blocked in your country.

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VPN provides for a tube that converts your data into garbage value that’s difficult for anyone to smell and recognize. There are tons of free/cheap VPN services that one can use and enjoy an uninterrupted internet experience.

If you are into exploring ways to enhance your computer security, you can also go for the deadly combo of facebook login proxy TOR and VPN.

Take a look at our How To installation VPN on Android devices without the need of any software. A person can also read our detailed article on what is VPN and how it works.

3. Use IP Rather Than URL for facebook login proxy

The blocked website sometimes become a set of URLs and taking advantage of IP of the website might work in few of the cases. To get the IP address for any website, you are doing a titled ping domain. com command in Command Prompt. Using IP is a simple way to access blocked websites in your region. On the other hand, if the website got hidden its IP too, then it won’t open with this method.

All you need to do is run CMD on your computer. Now type “ping www.websitename.com” and press Enter in. This will promptly return the IP address. Right now enter this IP tackle in your web browser’s address bar and hit Enter.

4. Change facebook login proxy Proxy In Browsers

Your college or university or institute might be having more than one proxy for their network. So, it happens that some websites are restricted on a single proxy, but accessible in another. So, you can give a go to proxy surfing to gain access to blocked websites in your college.

Disabling the facebook login proxy network proxy settings in our web browsers isn’t a tough task. You just need to find the connections/network option in the settings of your web browser. There, you can select the no web proxy option or use another one that’s providing unrestricted browsing at your institution.

5. Use Google Translate with facebook login proxy

Institutes or even countries sometimes don’t ban Google Translate. So, you can bypass the constraint by converting facebook login proxy the blocked website into some other language that you may know. Try Google Translate and see for yourself. It is yet another simple way to get into blocked websites.

You can also use Microsoft’s Bing translation service to unblock a banned website.

6. Bypass via Extension cables

If the websites that are blocked by your institute or office are dynamic in nature such as Facebook or YouTube, then you should give a try to these extensions. Hola and ProxMate are some extension cables that you can use to access facebook login proxy blocked websites.

These are generally some of the most effective and user friendly methods to circumvent the censorship that has already been put on your favorite